Electrician Apprenticeship Oregon

According to the Oregon work department, in 2010 the average hourly wage for approved electricians in Oregon was more than $30. The office also reports a powerful stream of job openings due to older electricians retiring. To become an approved electrical craftsman in Oregon, you need to finish a four-year apprenticeship program and pass a written licensing examination.

Below is a list of what is required to gain an electrician apprenticeship Oregon:

  1. Finish an apprenticeship program accepted by the state of Oregon. This involves a combination of studying and on the job experience. You would be paid roughly half the income of what a journeyman electrician to begin with. Oregon law specifies that you require at
  2. Finish an electric experience corroboration form. You have to show 8000 hours (4 years) of total experience, 1000 of this must be experience from home, commercial and business installations respectively.
  3. Obtain an official document stating that you have finished high school.
  4. Provide evidence of completion of an authorized apprenticeship program. You should include documents recording your electric coaching classes. Your apprenticeship program will supply these documents to you.
  5. Acquire a passport sized photograph of yourself and write your name on the back.
  6. Choose a testing location that is convenient for you. Locations across the state of Oregon are available. You’ll include your selected location on your license application.
  7. Finish an electric license application. Submit your application, along with all supporting documents and fees to the Oregon department of consumer & business. If your application is accepted, you’ll be sent a letter of authorization to sit the exam.
  8. Plan your exam according to the procedures described in your letter of authorization. You must sit the exam inside sixty days of receiving your letter of authorization. If you pass the exam, your license will be issued and a photograph identification card will be dispatched to you.

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  1. i was working on the us military base under kbr in iraq 32month an electrician.now a days iam loking for electrician jobs.if have any suitable jobs for me please let me know.

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